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Top 10 Youtube Channels For Guitar Lessons

Have you ever thought of, or have you ever tried using youtube to learn how to play the guitar?

If you have, you’ve probably noticed that there are thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of guitar related videos that will help you with the guitar.

The problem though, is how do you sort what’s good from whats bad?

My answer…Find the most popular youtube channels and start there

In this article I’ll be revealing the TOP 10 Guitar Channels for guitar lessons on Youtube.

Warning: If you have ever watched any of my videos where I talk about youtube, you’ll probably remember me saying that I love youtube because there is so much great stuff on there. However, my biggest problem with youtube, is that the videos aren’t structured in a logical, step by step format which can leave people who are getting started on the guitar feeling overwhelmed and frustrated as they jump from video to video. I recommend using youtube in conjunction with structured lessons from places like

Here’s the TOP 10 Guitar Channels for guitar lessons on Youtube:

1. (martyzsongs)  167,897,629 views

The most popular guitar related channel on youtube belongs to Marty Schwartz from

With over 162,897,629 views, 367,915 subscribers, and over 683 uploaded views, there is bound to be something on there you’ll enjoy.

2. (rockongoodpeople) 100,910,163 views

Coming second are the guys from Next Level Guitar. Now I have a feeling that back a few years ago, Marty Schwartz was part of Next Level Guitar until founding Guitar Jamz

3. #1 (justinsandercoesongs) 62,430,449 views

Goto any guitar forum online and ask who “What site do you recommend for learning guitar”, chances are you’ll get as one of your responses. On his channel Justin teaches you all the basics and techniques and stuff for free. And I mean, actually free.

4. #2 (justinsandercoe) 52,736,940 views.

5. #2 (guitarjamzdotcom) 47,814,831 views

6. True Fire (truefiretv) 29,927,059 views

7. (beefcakejcc) 29,449,743 views

8. Your Guitar Sage (yourguitarsage) 24,230,366 views

9. #3 (youcanlearnguitar) 16,414,751 views

10. Shred Academy (shredacademy) 4,921,744 views

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